3 Must Places to Visit In North Carolina, Biltomore, Grand Father Mountain,USS Battleship

3 Great Places to visit in North Carolina

Whether you are getting ready for a two week vacation with your family or only a weekend hike, North Carolina is a great place to visit. From the Atlantic Ocean to the Blue Ridge Mountains, the state of NC is full of sights worth seeing and places worth visiting. In no particular order, here are some of the most popular tourist attractions you must places to visit in North Carolina

The USS North Carolina Battleship Is the First of places to visit in North Carolina

USS North Carolina

USS North Carolina

The USS North Carolina ship is a masterpiece that dates back from the World War II and has been preserved ever since. They say that walking along the decks can get you back in time – you can re-live the thrills of the ship searching the sky for enemy planes.
The Battleship is a self-guided tour. You start off by watching an introductory movie in an auditorium, watch some exhibits then board the ship. The trip goes through all nine levels and, for an average of two hours, you will climb ladders and explore every corner, from the storage room and the sailors’ cabins to the guns control center. Located on the water it is a great place to visit in North Carolina. From there , take a walk around the shoreline.

The Biltmore Estate in North Carolina

The Biltmore

                                                                          Biltmore Estate is Second on out list of Places To Visit in North Carolina

The Biltmore is the largest privately owned home in the United States. Spread on more than 8,000 acres, Biltmore has a four-star hotel, several stores, an in-doors swimming pool, a bowling alley and a gym. Biltmore is also renowned for its winery – their wine has seen an increasingly high demand in the US for the last decades.With a history of more than 100 years, the Biltmore Estate is considered a national landmark and, each year, more than 1,000,000 visitors cross its gates. Your admission includes self-guided tours of the breathtaking Biltmore House and Garden, the new  and Antler hill village featuring the Winery, Village green, and Biltmore Farm. That is an awesome places to Visit in North Carolina

Grandfather Mountain IS ON TOP of places to visit in North Carolina

Grand Father Mnt , N.C.

Grand Father Mnt

Places to Visit In North Carolina

Visit N.C.

Grandfather Mountain is one of the most well known landmarks in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Located at around 70 miles near Ashville, the attraction is easily accessible by car. Here is what you can do in Grandfather: Visit the habitats.  Grandfather has seven natural habitats for cougars, golden eagles, black bears and river otters and they can be observed in the wild – in an environment that resembles the natural settings they should be living in. Visitors are elevated above the habitats on large platforms or separated by large moats and can stand at only a couple of feet away from the animals.
–    Picnicking. There are more than a hundred picnic grills and tables in Grandfather. Guests may bring their own barbecue, but can also buy sausages, friend chicken or salads from the Museum restaurant.
–    Go hiking. There are 12 miles of well maintained tracks with difficulties ranging from beginners’ walk in a park to challenges for mountain climbers. MacRae Peak is a two hour round trip hike with amazing scenery that can truly be the experience of your lifetime. Come and Join the millions on a great adventure with these great places to visit in North Carolina