Best Places to Visit in North Carolina

best places to visit in North Carolina

Vacation planning can be stress inducing. In order to ensure you’re sufficiently aware of all your options, we’ve compiled a list of various best places to visit in North Carolina, once there. Mostly people want to make the best of their time and money; wanting to take in as much of the culture, food, and entertainment, a desired locale has to offer. However, a significant amount of groundwork is necessary to realize those apparently lofty ambitions – particularly when the planned vacation is set to take place somewhere as historically rich and geographically diverse as North Carolina. The states regions comprise three separate sections; all offering tourists a multitude of diversions with markedly different climates to explore them in. You could head to the Great Smoky Mountains, opt for the lush foothills of the Yadkin Valley, or rush to the beaches, and sand dunes along the North Carolina coastline. Let’s have a quick inventory.

best places to visit in North Carolina


Historical Finds

The best way to appreciate a lands’ cultural significance is to drop by and move around a few of its historic grounds. Fortunately, North Carolina has no shortage of history; so, rest assured, wherever you choose to end up you’ll be sufficiently serviced with good doses of the traditional, and legendary.

Visitors, on the coastal areas, could head to Somerset Place to gain a better understanding of 19th century North Carolinian plantation life. Others with much regal inclinations are advised to make a quick visit to Tyron Palace, residence of North Carolinas first permanent state capitol, Lord Tyron.

African American history buffs are pointed to the Charlotte Hawkins Brown Museum in Sedalia, to enjoy a most informative and historically enriching outing.

Those with strong literary tastes must not to be disappointed, as they may promptly head towards the Thomas Wolfe Memorial in Asheville, exploring the authors’ maternal home. These are only some, among many, eminent best places to visit in North Carolina.

Lighter Fare

History is important, however, fun cannot be ignored. It’s the main reason you’re taking the vacation for starters. Even if it’s not – there is no reason to skip out on the joy. The Blue Ridge Parkway is located smack in the middle of the Smokey Mountains and the Shenandoah National Parks. The Parkway is 469-miles of breathtaking pathway, connecting the two geographical landmarks of North Carolina, featuring highly on any visitor, or residents’ places to visit in North Carolina

North Carolina has a strong Indian connection, perfectly captured in the Cherokee Indian Reservation – the home of the Eastern band of the Cherokee Indians. Other highly enjoyable best places to visit in North Carolina include, but are not limited to, the North Carolina Zoo in Asheboro; the Wrights Brothers National Museum in the Kill Devil Hills, sacred for any flight enthusiast, and the Battleship North Carolina in Wilmington, which would more than satisfy any WWII veteran, historian, and amateur war buff alike.

The Weird and the Beautiful best places to visit in North Carolina

Non-traditionalists need not worry. North Carolinian’s are extremely unusual and continually indulge in underwater bicycle races, drop possums at New Year celebrations rivaling those in New York City, and honor their mules by holding annual Mule days. The culture is ripe, the cuisine eclectic, the hospitality legendary, and the best places to visit in North Carolina seemingly endless. Choose a spot, and get places to visit in North Carolina
best places to visit in North Carolinabest places to visit in North Carolina